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This Podcast is Not Yet Rated

Podcast not yet rated

Hey everyone. Just wanted to share this really cool podcast that I happened to stumble upon. It is called This Podcast is Not Yet Rated. It is three highly intelligent college students who discuss both current films and tackle movies on the IMDB Top 250 list. The podcast is very recent, and I highly encourage anyone who likes listening to very unpretentious, honest people talk about movies, to check this out. The podcast usually comes out every other week, and can be subscribed to in ITunes here, or by feed here. They also have a website you can check out over here, which has subscription links, plus other assortments of info and news about what they do and episode updates. A link to their site will be posted on the home page of for any future reference.Expect more reviews soon!

Announcement of Top of Lists

I will be starting a new segment on Paleyfilms: top of lists. These will usually be either top 5 or top 10 lists on various movie categories. They will be archived in a brand new page on this site. A weekly list will be top 5 films of a certain year, starting from 2009, and working backwards. These lists will be updated if I see anything that should change it, and shall go forward from 2010 on (e.g. at the end of 2010 I will do top 5 of 2010, and so on from there). Sometimes a list will be films of a certain director, actor, or genre. Sundays will usually be when I list my top 5 of a year, so without further ado, I will kick it off with 2009.

Solomon Grundy by Mattson Tomlin- Check this out, everyone!

Mattson Tomlin is a budding young filmmaker from New York. Recently, he raised some $13 thousand for a movie project called Solomon Grundy, by using the website Kickstarter. The movie is currently in production, and is based upon a nursery rhyme. The poem is seven lines, and Mattson is adapting the seven lines into a series of seven movies that can be viewed separately, or together. In order to gain the publics interest, Mattson shot a seven and a half minute proof of concept short of the same name.


Check out Mattson Tomlins blog or official website. The home page for Solomon Grundy is still in production, but can be accessed here. Updates will be posted when the website goes up, as well as major news regarding Tomlins film. Mattson is a very talented filmmaker, so you should definitely check out his project. Additionally, links to his blog/websites will be posted on the links section of the Paleyfilms home page. Stay posted for both more movie reviews and news!

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